Performance artist Marina Abrambovic's checklist below intersects somewhat with the investment communities.

"What is Performance Art" from the Marina Abramovic Institute

What are some of the frequent concerns of Performance Art?

· De-objectification of art

· Relationships between performer/audience and time
· Relationships between performer and audience

· Relationships between performer and him or herself

· Relationships between performer/audience and environment

· Relationships between performer/audience and art medium

· Relationships between performer/audience and the body

· Limits of bodily endurance/experience

· Slowing down, speeding up, or repetition of physical movement

· Incorporation of chance events

· Execution of highly staged and dramatic events

· Execution of self-imposed instructions

· Voluntary abandonment of free will

· Juxtaposition of media or phenomena that do not normally coincide

· Publication of private experience

· Privatization of public experience

· Personal and social implications of voyeurism

· Personal and social implications of art as commodity

· The nature of subjective experience

· The nature of universal experience

· Social, political, and existential concerns such as racism, sexism, politics, history, mass media, economics, poverty, philosophy, spirituality, mortality, interpersonal relationships, empathy, the human condition, and more

· Explorations of artist as art-object or art medium


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