"Professional Fisherman? I didn't even know there WAS such a thing!"

There are many niches in the fishing world for a man to make a living.

There are:

Professional angers who compete in international fishing tournaments where the prize money can be $100k, plus side bets

Professional fishing captains who run the boats to fish for big game fish

Commercial fishermen who fish to sell to stores and restaurants

Professional guides who guide clients on rivers and streams to fish

People who own fishing stores, sell lures and info

Subsistence fishermen

Crabbers, lobstermen, oyster farmers

Farm fish in aquaculture.

Duncan Coker writes: 

I have a friend who has carved a nice life for himself as professional fishing river guide. His home water is the S. Platt in Colorado where he guides and teaches. Fishing and writing complement each other well. He has written several books on fly-fishing and is an editor at large for Field and Stream. They send him all over the world for stories which he dreams up, salmon in Scotland, rooster fish in Baha, tiger sharks off San Diego. Fishing and writing by fisherman have a long history. Some of the favorites on my bookshelf are by Hemmingway, Norman Maclean, MacQuarrie of the Old Duck Hunters, James Duncan's The River Why. It is good to have a backup plan. So if the fish aren't biting perhaps you can craft a good story about the day your fly box floated away on the first cast, or secretly borrowing your friends waders for two years, or instinctively yelling "save the rod" just as your wife slips into the rapids holding a brand new 6 weight.


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