A friend recently recommended Hungry as the Sea by Wilbur Smith. Smith is a great writer of epic historical fiction with complex plots, rich and full blooded characters, great action, graphic sex and violence which fit in perfectly with the stories. Warlock, a novel of ancient Egypt, is the second in a series.

Monsoon, also second in a series, is a swashbuckling novel of sailing in the 17th century that Chair would love and which I highly recommend to him, follows the Courtney family over the years through their adventures in Africa. Warlock and Monsoon have battle scenes with strategies and tactics worthy of study both in large scale battles and in hand to hand fighting techniques.

The stories are totally absorbing page turners perfect for traveling or vacation reading. Highly, highly recommended, and some of the best time wasting reading of all time. Very enjoyable. You can order hardbound versions for $.03 if you can wait that long.


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