On the subject of deception, I think that "The President's Speech" is striking. It is a story by Oliver Sacks included in his book "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat". You can read it at the following link .

For those who are interested, stop here, enjoy it, and then proceed. I do not want to spoil your reading.

What do you we need to have, or not to have, not to be deceived by the market? Why do we normals wish to be fooled, and are indeed well and truly fooled by the market? Why don't we listen to its tone and what is trying to tell us? And if we are not able understand its tone, why don't we listen to its expressive speech? I think we need to deprive ourselves of our emotional part and retain only the rational self. Accept the loss and don't hope in vain or take the profit and don't be greedy. Being 'normal' does not help.


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