January 22, 2021 |

Victor Niederhoffer  writes:

What can we learn and what insights do the football  games and quan regularities has to teach us about markets. I often feel that the 50 years zone is  transition to likely touchdown as is the 80 to 100 level the redone where  it is likely to go to 100.

Eric Lindell   writes:

I've found that general knowledge of shenanigans can be helpful. Consider deflategate, where Tom Brady/Patriots were accused of using deflated footballs.

Careful review of highlight reel shows intentionally missed passes by the Colts, which even the announcer noticed.

Deflated footballs were used as a minor cheating scandal to conceal a much more serious one. They were also used to create the illusion that the Colts were resisting Patriots' attempt to cheat.

It was partly because Brady and concomitant shenanigans moved to the Buccaneers that I predicted a good season for them. I still do.


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