January 18, 2021 |

Its not cricket the range so far has only been 20 points. that's not enough to create normal vig and profits for infrastructure by forcing out the undercapitalized public thru moves they cant accommodate due to deplorable capital.

What is the game where the pitcher didn't allow the batters a clear shot by ruling it to the batter.

What the weather like at Duke professor and how are my daughter and his husband Chris doing at their schools. are their taking advantage of the constructs in their studies and life? how does it relate to medical and law schools as well as markets?"

A change in guard after 5 consecutive days down. could it temporaries halt like damn the constructal number in Sp.

Amazing that five down days inbounds didn't break the Sp relentless rise to new high. but a 1 day rise in bonds insufficient to send tocks up by almost a %

Would everybody kindly refrain from sending me non-woke material of any kid to this account as I have lost 10% of my followers in the past 2 weeks presumably do to algorithms to prevent non-woke.

The big catholic schools would pay bklyn college football team a huge amount to come to their home. so they could demolish the boys from BKLYN. the average score against bklyn was 72-3 . a touch back didn't count as a negative points so their score was positive like my followers.


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