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November 9, 2020 |

Victor Niederhoffer writes: 

Report on what seems to avalla and me likek pfizer held bak their results.  was   it planned to be after election or did they just report it  late. eitherway, its very suspicious and  certainly affected the electio

K. K. Law writes: 

Need to dig into it to find the truth. It is entirely possible the MSM plus many tech companies including big pharmas are behind influencing the election to make sure Trump lose. As much as the left "wishes" to put the election behind, this is far from being done. It is not until the Supreme Court has made the final decision after reviewing all the submitted evidences and hearing sworn testimonies. I saw the words, "Hear, Hear." Exactly, let us hear what the Supreme Court has to decide and say. The election and the trades are interrelated. There are chances one may have to switch back to "Biden lose, Trump win" trades. We shall see.

Jordan Neuman writes: 

The SuJordan Neumanpreme Court will probably not take the cases.  

Gus Glads writes: 

Pfizer made its timeline very clear from the beginning. Was transparent from the start. The company outlined its process and gave a clear roadmap in October. Read below. Additionally, Pfizer from the beginning has never been part of Operation Warp Speed and has not taken any govt money for R&D.

As for the Supreme Court. Trump and his “legal” team was 0-10 entering today in courts across America  since Election Day as it relates to cases of election fraud and this morning his team’s most recent attempt in Lansing, Michigan Cout of Appeals was rejected by Judge Cynthia Stephens with the following language: “I regret to inform you that your submission is defective.”  The reason being the submission was missing 4 key elements of evidence and support that they claimed to possess.


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