Alex Forshaw writes: 

1. Is it possible to determine what % of dead people (alt'y, what % of people over 110 years old) voted for Biden over Trump, where they live, and when they last voted? AFAICT, so far, the dead demo is 100 percent for Biden, and turnout was up at least 100 percent over 2016/2012. This was a devastating rebuke to 160 years of shameless GOP voter suppression.

2. More dead voters have voted for Biden than have shown up for all of Biden's campaign rallies, combined. Outstanding GOTV by the Biden campaign here, especially considering that they had no GOTV for most, if not all, other demos.

3.  Dead Lives Matter! Just from sampling social media, dead voters are clearly the fastest-growing demographic in the United States, and Biden's outreach to this underserved minority was amazing. What policies & voter outreach should GOP'ers consider in order to compete for this underserved demographic?

K.K. Law writes: 

If there is a way to quantify voter frauds such as dead people's votes, illegal people's votes and people casting votes multiple times and destroying GOP votes, that would be great. I am sure all these happen but just don't know the magnitude.


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