November 6, 2020 |

hpe springs eternal but ultimately the odds willl go to 1 % incumbent and theyll stilll be fighting and excusing rather than succombing to marxism.. its good to be a good loser. shake te tooher persons hand . thank the referree and see wahat youve leaarned formyour def

and ater shakig hands a re compplimenting the winner. of course " hows Soros

and of course after the " hows soros" … can I get you and your running mate a drink.. many times i've been in a similar position to the loser. i can remember t han all. how it hurts to go bak to the locket room and see what you[ve learned and h ow to regroup

tomorrow another day for market. and the Fed should be contrite and learning to marx but this time enough is enough and the market mite succomb

There are so many news opinions about how the incumbent did so much better than the polls showing how good the effort was and how he should be congratulated. It reminds me of all the articles that cast aspersions on a champion who was the favorite and win a hard 5 set match.

those are the kind that one loves to win. gives the loser a undeserved does of confidence . but the pleasure is greatest when you win a close one as it so demoralizes the loses and cases him so much pain

leaves the looes and his supported with a box of "if onlys" ratjer than getting bak to the drawing boards and fixing his game.

B litigated against nephew Karl. ( finaly won by threatening to move bak to Bonn). Lert us hope that the former incumbent doesnt make the same mistake as B and Ryan. as out friend, the great wiswell said "after a loss it's bak to the drawing boards rite away 


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