November 2, 2020 |

cellophane big guy wiens his lead in betting odds slitely markets at 20 day minimum should be up from here by closes

residents of big ciities whether red or blue prepare for storming of bastille by hiring armed guards .

at lest the bonds at a new 20 day low dont want bailoutws and lock downs

free associations venezuala , e Germany vers w germany, Us as failed nation, many replete with inequities, waiting liens at emergency rooms, paying 50% more for health plans, young people losing opp to invest in future, activities that make life worth livng,, French Rev.

reflexively racist,pessimistic view, cllapsed buildings, "unrest collapsed buildings, monuments, cancel culture,smartest guy I know, likely cabinet intellect, market prefers collectivism, betting odds at 70%, 400 million arbitraged,,bookies dont allow for 52 % against

pessimism about country carries over to nasdaq, stocks just a gnat above tues, low and 20 day low at 11200, earnings reports all beats brought nas down 2%

an interesting read from commentary carried by the wssj

the final quote is timeless. commentary poitn sout that Trump is not a wel mannered conservative who speaks in elegant terms and reads good boooks. He s like the coommon man that Truman was. he consludes " The average american is a common man . As a result we are the

we are the riches, powerful, tolerant, and freeist in Human human history


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