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the keys to the game are particularly difficult and diffuse thsi week. 1 the earnings estimates are more disperse than ever. 2. the companies that reported so far the big five are much more boyant than the remaining 45% f sp 500 compaies to report. 3if there is one fly in

fly in th eoitment. to me it is the fall in real estate prices. to an amazing extent almost all major decliens in stocks have been associated with declines inreal estate prices since the time of Henry george in the1880's. 4.. with a google of pics of Joe biden being

affectionate with others, it is likely that another victim besides tara Reade willl come forth. 5. Hillary is now 7% like to be the Democratic mnominee. 6. with all these cross currents I have looked for one market that will be the canary. I find it in the Japanese Yen

with every mmajor paharmaceutica company racing to find a treatment or vaccine for the viruts, it is likely that there will be other breakthroughs reported in the media. the last oen caused the biggest overnite rally ever stragnely the improvement over the pI tis amaizing

that the impvrovemtn over the poacebo was only 3 days. moregenerally many drug therapies provide only a few day or few motnh improvement over no treatment. consdiering the daamge to life from side efects of digestion and enegy and life style disruption the cost

bemefot pf many of them has to be negative as is the treament from Gilead.. it is amaterurish and tytpical of dR. fAUCI TO SAY THE IMROVEMENT IS STATISTICALYL SIGNIFICANT . AND THAT HE ALWAR=YS WILL err on the side of excessive caution. the pictures of him and the PRez

always remind us of Czar Alexander and Rasputin and I still claim he plays the same role as Rasputin in his and his families hoped for demise of the PRez family

others in his peer group are the 95% in the cdc and the swamp that contibuted to the Democrats last election. As i asked about the cattle trader what hpaped to the otheR $500/ THE OTHER 5%? the news abbout peter strk tryig to get Flynn to lie is a terrible exampel of

he battle that the Prez has faced with the samp. What would have hapend if during the impeachment trilas the prez had declared amore draconian ban on China.? more genrally what is the hidden cost of alll the productiv activieis that were lost and not made by the handouts

ecived an urgent method from Mr. vince. " the worst of the dri is still to come " he looks at volume and pain… I dont agree. vic

he statistics

Read: http://tl.gd/n_1sr7qv8

every gemtleman and woman knows that when you kiss someone on the face but not the lips the kiss conveys an invitiation for futher romance. presumably that was not unknown to the vp and also that he wasnt always unsuccessful

a prescient responose from a wsj SUBSCRIBER 1 hour ago I suspect that many of the 'reported' Corona Virus (cont) http://tl.gd/n_1sr7r1f 


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