China-USA inflection point

July 21, 2020 |

Zubin Al Genubi writes: 

I heard an interview on NPR by a writer whose name I did not catch who agrees with Hernan's premise that China has surpassed the US. He attributes  to 2 really useless expensive US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and failure to spend those trillions on infrastructure and education in the US.  China had no wars and spent extensively on infrastructure .  You can see immediately on landing in Beijing the beautiful, huge airport.  Compare that with the dump that is JFK Airport in NYC.  When I visited China ten years ago, I saw ribbons of highway stretching out into the distance way out in the hinterlands.  

larry writes: 

Yea but NPR is anti usa most always

Kim Zussman writes: 

Zubin is, as always, a devoted son of Mao


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