Time to talk barbecue

July 10, 2020 |

Zubin Al Genubi writes: 

I've been eating plant based for 8 months.  I feel great, lost all body fat, breath better, sleep better. 

BBQ veges are very good with oil pepper, garlic baste.  Eggplant, onion, asparagus, squash, mushrooms,zucchini are great.  BBQ browning gives them a great taste.  I love to put them in a bun salthered with lots of dill based vege mayo, tomatoes, pickle, lettuce.  Its easy to broil them if you don't want to start up the barbie.  We just harvested the first round of sweet corn and it was fun and delicious.  The corn can go on the barbie in their husk to a light burn outside.  We just planted the second round of corn which will be ready in 60 days

Christopher Cooper adds: 

Interesting. I’ve had pretty much the same results, over the same timeframe, from a combination of working out more and time-restricted feeding. No other change in diet, which is carnivorous but moderately low-carb.

I’m down to the weight I graduated from high school with, 50 years ago. In my case, it’s the fat loss and exercise that is responsible for the benefits, not the diet.


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