If I was a gambling man, I'd be getting very long here.

6-week weekly coefficient of variation in SPX calling for a major move.

Volume Thurs and Fri say to be a buyer on weakness.

A certain alliteration in the way prive & volume work on the short term is occurring here. OooOooOO this is hard!

Thurs SPY volumes on and Friday SVXY volumes - indicating to be a buyer on weakness in the coming day or two, followed by a little weakness this morning, and I'll double down on the gambling man proposition. (I have other signals too confirming this, but not going into the long-winded diatribe here at this time).

It;s hard because that 6 week weekly coefficient of variance, calling for a good, prolonged market run in one direction or the other, could be signalling a drop much further from here. But the odds favor the upside, so does the nose.


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