Here are my takeaways on this election from my POV:

1. The very strong Obama endorsement of Hillary Clinton proves one my first rules of politics; endorsements don't really matter. Politicians are so intent on getting endorsements, but in actuality they don't mean much at all to the voter.

2. Don't trust the major media polls.

3. It seems intensity behind the candidate may be the tipping point. I had written about this earlier incredible intensity I noticed of signs, I saw in Michigan this summer, homemade ones not preprinted campaign material. Same thing goes for turnouts for Trump/Pence versus Hillary and Kane.

4. I also posted on the Google searches of Trump versus Hillary where he was leading. Another tipping point?

5. Three of my children live in the Bay Area and all voted for Hillary; they are despondent. I believe their vote is largely a function of the media environment they live in. And that is true of us all. Now maybe the media in San Francisco isn't biased but is certainly one-sided. Is a Drudge Report biased? I don't know but it certainly is one-sided. So we've all become a product of the media we expose ourselves to. We have to be on guard for that.

6. There are major investment opportunities because of the election and I'm going to get back to focusing on those.


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