1. Genetic gift without which no one gets to a competitive #1.

2. Inclination and time to practice long hours.

3. An organized, analytical chess playing mind.

4. A strong coach or role model is helpful but not necessary.

5. The patience to walk away from drugs, alcohol, romance and secondary influences.

6. A weak peer competition helps but isn't always available.

7. The secret to being #1 in a strong filed is an edge, a tiny advantage repeated over and over to make everyone else below #1.

I was born with superior but not great genes. However, three things happened to this entity thrown into the world that formed a colossal step outside the bell curve, in whatever direction. By a quirk of sleeping in the right place, with the sun on the correct side, noise in one ear, memory of school location on the other side, and mind's eye on my baby brother, with parents above the basement bed, at about age eight the body became bismyetrical and ambidextrous. Then, at age eight, I began modeling body parts and movements after animals instead of humans, taking as an example the hand of a cat, kick of a mule, and neck of a giraffe, following only the human eyes. I became a Mr. Potato boy with various parts. Finally, at age ten at a high jump sand pit that I dug in the back yard with a rising bamboo bar, I developed a technique of using the smallest muscle groups and nearest their attachments and insertions, for kinesthetics. 


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