Tom Waterhouse is the youngest of a bookmaking dynasty in Australia. On his website he offers some fine racing tips which are easily translated to the markets. Here they are:

AIM HIGH. Always take the top of the market.This can be done by betting Top
Fluc on saturdays and Best Tote on weekdays.

AVOID the sinking feeling: If the track is heavy , and you see a horse that
is odds on, get on. All bookies want to lay the favourite on wet tracks .
For the horse to remain in the red, it means its going to be very hard to

WIN BIG LOSE SMALL: Bet bigger if you are winning smaller if you are losing.

GO LONG: If there are two horses with odds under 3.00 get on the longer
priced one.

LAYDAY LAYDAY !: The horses on the front of sportsman and Winning Post
(racing newspapers) are the lays of the day.

DON'T FOLLOW THE HERD: Be very surprised of the hot tips in the papers.Yet
be extra keen if you like a horse and its not mentioned- you will get far
better value.

THE BLADDER EFFECT: If a race jumps and you need to go to the toilet, or
you feel overly nervous, you are betting too big.

STAY THE COURSE: If you reckon a horse is worth 3.00 and you see it paying 
10, do not alter your bet, put on the same amount.Value is king.

OFF WITH THE CASH!: The punter who loses his head loses his money.

TOUGH LOVE: Keep your eyes and ears open when you are on the track and
follow the tough money.

TAKE HALF MEASURES: It always is easier to back winners in the first half
of a race meeting than the second half.

THE CUP DOESNT RUNNETH OVER: It is much easier to find a winner at a
midweek hitout, than the most glamourous race of the year.

DONT PANIC: Never take under. If you miss getting on at the right price,
there will be another race.

A good read about the man for those interested is this article: "A Serious Man".


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