There is a problem with every opportunity.

The following situation enforces the truth of the subject.

A few years ago, I finished decorating a house. It is in a gated and somewhat upscale community of about 400 single or attached houses, built somewhat after 2000 and just at the edge of a big metropolitan area. People here appear to be very wealthy — premium cars are common — some have 2 Mercedeses, 2 BMW's, or 2 Porsches. But please don't over imagine it –by North American standards, this is still way too shabby and crowded. Each 250-450 square-meter house has about 100-200 square meters of yard. Outside the yard, there is some limited public area, in the form of roads, trails, greens, woods, and somewhere, streams and lake. My closest neighbor is about a few yardsticks away.

I was quite excited and happy to move in the community after having stayed in downtown apartments for many years. The city life made me a schedule of going to bed at about 12am and getting up at 8am. One usually has to shut all windows at night just to be quiet. Now at this community, I was thinking that windows can be kept open (in spring, fall or summer) for the night as it is much quieter. There are trees outside and the air is cleaner.

It turned out that some home owners were raising chickens and roosters, and the many roosters crow starting at about 3am. I was shocked and angry, and wondered why other people didn't have problems with it as they moved in a few years earlier than I did. I made quite some effort in talking to property management and also seeking to find and talk with the owners. It got alleviated somewhat but never went away. I was struggling and suffering.

Gradually, partly due to the lack of sleep, I started to turn in earlier. It helped. Now years have passed, I adopted a schedule of going to bed just after 9pm and getting up at 5am, and I am very happy about it. Not only that, I also cut the propagandistic cable service into my house and have not wasted my life on it. In its place, I read more books and play more music.

P.S. there is still one rooster now in the community, but it doesn't bother me much.


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