With deleveraging on the frontfoot, for investment for the next 10 years, it may pay to disown countries with a service sector that represents over 65% of GDP.

No doubt there are a few caveats, like the ease with which to transact, and the ability to sort the chaff from the wheat, and hose down beaureacy and red tape quickly, though in the west this may be a non existent situation, since those in power look to justify their positions further and keep adding red tape, increasing the socialist feel rather than reducing it as conditions get difficult.

The numbers of real risk takers in life appear minimal, though there are a lot of yes men. We therefore should not be concerned about investing in countries that have a name for inappropriate ways of doing business in the past since, at least, they will have improving business conditions and stronger rates, so we will may have to only fight it on one front, unlike the west where we will now fight it on two.

Countries like Indonesia where agr 15.3% Industry 47%, and services a minnow 37.6% with interest rates at 5.75% may be worth the consideration.

Too many hustlers on the street.

List of Countries by GDP Sector Compositio.

Anonymous comments:

The mix of low-service sector countries is very interesting.

The 13 below the global average are:

Saudi Arabia  35.7%
Indonesia   37.6%
Thailand  42.9%
China  43%
Iran    47.3%
UAE   47.6%
Colombia  52.7%
India   55.2%
Norway  57.8%
South Korea  58.2%
Russia  59.1%
Argentina  59.8%
Venezuela  61.1%

The merits of international investing are said to be many, but I doubt many strategists would want to place significant sums in regions of the world particularly susceptible to capital controls and confiscation.

With great risk, comes great…

Maybe Big Al and I can come up with a salable "Political Risk" ETF.


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