Brainwashed kidsThe process of socialization of school is crystallized in these tests. All the questions on the comprehension thing for 4 year olds are variants of "why is it good to share" "what can we do to keep the environment safe?" "why should we follow rules" "why do we need policemen" "why do we take turns"  "why can't children stay at home alone" "why do we need to wear seat belts" "why should we recycle" "why do we say sorry" "Why do we need to wear helmets when riding bicycles" "why do children have to go to school" "why do we raise our hands" "why do we have to wait in lines" "why do we have addresses" "why should we read the news" "why do we have a president."

You might think I'm kidding or superfluous but all these questions are asked on the test. The only thing missing is "why do we all have to pay 100% of our earnings over our life to the …?"


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