In the last week I have rented two units.

I just left my last new renter. A young couple with a little girl.

They had to make deposits on gas and electric and water. A deposit to me and I pro rated this months remaining rent.

Very rough for the average person to come up with all of the above funds to rent a place.

Having lunch as I type. Vickie served me a treat today. Pickled beets at 7.00 per quart !

Note not a good day for the Dow. Good to see oil decline further.

I hope the US Dollar gets stronger.

Regards, Alan

Scott Brooks writes:

The decade that offered home ownership for no money down and then allowed you to use your house as an ATM ends with people struggling to come up with security deposits and 1st months rent.

As to Alan's comment about the dollar appreciating, maybe I'm channeling chicken little here, but the appreciation of the dollar seems less like blue skies and more like a precursor of the sky falling.

My rationale? Simple. I am of the opinion that the only reason the dollar is appreciating is because the rest of the world is: 1. printing money faster than the US and 2. while the US has a horrible case of "financial pneumonia", the rest of the world is the early stages of "financial respiratory arrest"

The world is playing musical chairs and no one is paying attention to the fact that the chairs are disappearing and being replaced with paper machete' chairs. Sure the paper being used is the American greenback, but when you get right down to it, it's all just paper.

Nothing to see here, move along.


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