I just finished reading 'Jubal Sackett', a frontier novel by Louis L'amour. I initally found L'amour's writing style to be rather spare and lacking in depth, but as the pages turned I came to appreciate how comfortably the writing style fits with the tough nature of the landscape and with the character of Jubal Sackett, a quiet loner not given to excessive introspection, who is finding his own path on a journey of discovery.

Jubal Sackett is an intelligent man who understands risk and reward. He is constantly looking over his shoulder because the enemy may be lying in wait, he keeps check of his inventory and deploys his scarce resources to maximum effect, he knows much of the ways of the tribes in the foreign land that he inhabits, he knows when to hole up and when to move on, and he has the basic skills to survive in a tough environment (ie he has the necessary edge). Louis L'Amour has provided us with a great, balanced character that I will do well to keep in mind when trading.

Here are a few of my favourite quotes from Jubal Sackett:

- 'The Kickapoo are strong because of our enemies. Deny us our enemies and we would grow weak.'

- 'There is but one thing we know, Ni'kwana, and that is that nothing forever remains the same. Always there is change. Your people have remained long undisturbed by outside influences. This may seem good, but it can be bad also, for growth comes from change. A people grows or it dies.'

- All things are valued according to their scarcity, and a time might come when this gift would seem as nothing. What was worth little to us was worth much to them because they were things they could not get elsewhere.


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