Here are my 3am can't sleep notes from last night. Does anyone else do this?

Small talk: Non-conceptual conversation. Lack of logical structure makes conversation unpredictable. Low information content. Attitude towards defined by: Approval seeker (enjoys) vs. information seeker (avoids). How does the profit seeker avoid the market's small talk? Can it be defined?

Driving: Audio, visual and tactile information combined with drivers' implicit knowledge of space relationships, acceleration, sound, and sensation combine to make the next moment predictable in most circumstances. Unusual/dangerous circumstances typically create wrong response (overcorrection) in all but professionals.

Test anxiety: A feeling experienced by students who never discover that test-taking is a skill that can be mastered independent of the tests' information content. Extensive drilling with practice questions under realistic circumstances is a potent antidote.

Uninformed trader: Experiences anxiety due to lack of meaningful predictive ability.

Trader anxiety: Believed by uninformed trader to be primary cause of failure.

Conceptual umbrella: Fundamental principles that aid in making connections that can be defined, isolated, and predicted.

Surprise party: The setup for the surprise party is not that different from the criminally-minded ambush. The instantaneous reaction to 'surprise' is a negative/fear response. The relief sensation combines (for some) with the positive emotion that follows to create a more extreme positive feeling. Is price behavior at a new high impacted by how recently a low was made?


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