January 27, 2021 |

https://wsj.com/articles/the-day-trading-barbarians-at-the-gate-wont-sack-wall-street-11611660505 it isn't cricket used to provide nutrients for infrastructure.

Public to provide food for those on higher trophic levels as bacon would say " the public has no rite to be ahead of the form especially when the trainers are betting against them the horse that were shipped from Florida to NY. are now getting accustomed to track.

https://sites.google.com/view/casinoreviews/blog/the-ideology-behind-online-casino-games first and foremost rule " the House Must Win".

Its not cricket the public is winning , some top feeders are losing. . the Fed is part of the infrastructure. and they have to do something to stop the public from winning. expect them to beg forbearance from fellow colleagues at Treasury and House and to do something bear.

There must be a winning team in south of NY . action must be taken. high frequency trading must continue apace,  so however, a temporary cessation of bullish profits for the public will be enough to extend reliance on agrarian ideas.

A very sagacious man tweets that a agrarian woman will be yelling. I disagree. one thing we can all agree on is that the be all and end all is for the trophic levels, the sharks to eat the bass —- to be upheld even if two days may lose some gamester support.

Don't expect any pointed posts from me tomorrow( i try to keep them innocuous as I lose a google of followers every time i stray from the Woke.) I have 5 health procedures scheduled for tomorrow culminating in the draining of my left leg which is bigger than Game Stop rise.


The time to stop this infernal topsy turvy market where the bags are temporarily losing to the public. and the serial correlation that supports this in part. But remember old turkey partridges adman. ITs a bull market. after two days look for bull and yet. if it goes down too much before the announcement , a stern meeting at the camp Kinsella woodworking commune may be scheduled in order to varnish a few words.


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