US CPI 0.00%

November 19, 2020 |

Dr. Zacek  writes: 

Question for all the smart people here. Why is the CPI 0% in the USA if whatever I buy here in AZ, I pay considerably more compared to 9 months ago (end Feb)?

What is it I am missing? What did go cheap sooo much to compensate the CPI composition for all this:

Organic Eggs +50%

Coca Cola tins/bottles +20-30%

Toilet paper +30-50%

Full tank of gas +20%

Long term apartment rent +15-20%

Property prices +30%

Construction Labor +25%

Average Hollywood movie shoot/location per day +75%

Firearms +25-30%

Ammo +150%

Average doctor bill +xxx%

Rudolf Hauser writes: 

One problem is the unchanged market basket at a time when people’s buying habits have changed. So one sees declines in such things as airline prices because fewer people are flying but the weight that receives in the calculation has not changed. Meanwhile, prices of many items in demand are rising.


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