In 1987 I was managing some accounts lady by the name of Susan B Kringle opened an account with 60,000 and closed it out about a year later at close to $450,000 (just a hot streak I assure you) then sued me for—hold on to your seatbelts—$53,000,000.

Seems she and her lawyer. Gary Sinclair, thought her account, at a different brokerage firm, should have had the same results as the account I had in a trading championship.

Eventually, after some legal costs, the judge through it out. You can’t sue for speculative damages. He also asked if was still taking accounts. I wasn’t and haven’t since. Maybe not for you guys but for me losing a $53 million dollar law suit would really hurt.

Now this current guy, today says he has pancreatic cancer and “Please don’t let me down, I want to re-subscribe”

There are lots of fake newsletter publishers out there but In the recent years….lots of fake subscribers. I will save the best story for next time

Happy Trails to all


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