November 13, 2020 |

a little bird that has access to the inside of a big companys vaccine results told me that the big comPANY had the results a week ago but didnt releave them until today as they didnt want to help a certain incumbent

some have responded to my little bird tweet that they feel it is funny. 1let me say first that I would never communicate soemthing like that unless i was quite certain that what the little bird said was true. 2. let me say it's notfunny. it's very sad that the poor

the poor personage not only had to overcome the 95% of emploees in the relevant agencies who supported the challenger, but also the ceo's of those working to create value for their consumers p

to say nothing about the scientist who wrote a love letter to the cattle trader and whose every utterance served to sink the incumbent inclluding his wapo interview the weekend before the election. on such smalll strands can a civiliztion destroy itself

it is good that my youngest daughter used her biochemistry degree to become a dr in a southern Medical school rather than working in the Pharma industry where she mite have interned

hello mr. sogi how the kona coffee a little higher ground than your surfing

accordingn to the betting odds(lott stossel) the chances that the r's will both lose the presidency and in conjuntion lose the senate is 20%

a hard fought game adjourned with winning chances


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