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November 6, 2020 |

Michael Cook writes: 

Ok, so assuming Biden gets called today or the weekend - which starts to look likely, what is next for the markets?

If Trump obsessively focuses on lawyers and anger/anguish, do we not get next stimulus until late January just as Covid cases rocket? So the sugar high we have been on basically gets its sugar removed?

I get the relief rally on the back of (I assume) no blue wave, tech breakup, paralysis is good etc, but once the dust settles - isnt this actually bad, at least for the next couple of months - or am I miss reading this?

Jeffery Watson writes: 

One could make a case that the market doesn't care about who's the boss as long as stocks can carry themselves. After all, what will really change about the nuts and bolts of things? Will the clerk at the DMV, the food inspector, the apparatchik, the cop, the local judge, pr the IRS agent suddenly change their stripes and modus operandi with a new president? 


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