Models vs Execution

October 20, 2020 |

On Saturday a fire started and ripped 8000 acres and traveled more the 10
miles in less than 3 hours till finally firefighters made a stand at a wide,
two-lane road. 26 homes burnt to the ground. No one hurt thank goodness. Next
day another fire starts first reported at 5 acres.  Extrapolating from the
prior day, fire 2 should be closing in on Boulder in 6 hours.  Yet, it did not
happen. Fire 2 never got within 12 miles or above 300 acres. Credit goes to
brave pilots in DC-10 Airtankers and firefighters on the ground.  Those planes
are as sight to behold as they graze the tree line spreading 10,000 gallons of
fire retardant at a pop. Wind, moisture, terrain, plane availability, fuel can
all be put into models and they may help, but it is execution and
improvisation that really save the day.


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