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July 19, 2020 |

Tom Ford writes: 

Should we be sanctioning Georgia?


Actually my comment was not meant to debate on covid numbers. Everyone will have different opinions on whether the virus is really re-surging. It depends on how the virus affected you (financially, personally, and politically). I found it interesting how we are accusing China of fake numbers (rightly so, i don't believe it either) when we may potentially also be doing the same thing. It's funny lately how some of the actions taken by our nation looked exactly like the things we've condemned China for. But hey, do as I say, not as I do….right?

Ralph, sources wise, we can debate till the next millennia what constitutes credible sources. Credibility most commonly depends on whether something sounds confirming for a reader (confirmation bias). If a news piece provides information that is inline with a reader's political affiliation and/or personal philosophies, it is more than likely the reader will find that news credible. I like to find things to read that don't agree with the general public's views because it allows for a more holistic understanding of the parties involved and their agendas. Kinda like stepping in the shoes of someone else. Its not going to fit, literally and culturally. Thats why I encourage people to go read news published by the CCP and contrast it with our own nations news. That way you can really understand what everyone's action may actually entail. The problem we have right now with China is a difference in culture, a way of life. Until we really dive deep and understand each other culturally can we ultimately find a common ground. 


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