Computers are the key to modern trading. The Chair is famous for inventing modern algorithmic computer trading. I am trying to learn new computer skills including Python and Pro Tools audio recording interface. (Was it Spec-lister Jeff Sasmor that invented Pro Tools?) I am struggling to learn both programming and the new interface. I recommend to all young people starting out to study computer science. Computers run pretty much everything in the world now. The richest people I know are computer scientists who started businesses. They are in fact some of the richest people in the entire world. Trading is dependent on computers, programming, speed. Learning a trading interface and being able to operate it with speed accuracy under pressure is essential to trading.

Some years ago I learned R with the help of some erudite and benevolent Spec Listers. I fondly remember the Wiz, a true master, who from the top of head could with a single line of code, search relevant data, process it, and have it report a table of elegant results. Computer science does not replace judgment or vision, but realization requires the computer skills.

Some of the specialized programmers can get a bit nerdy. Thinkers of big thoughts can really benefit from being able to program and fine tune their thinking. Writing up the algo's really clears up thinking. The computers really help with the massive number crunching that would be impossible without them. I kind of understand the basic statistics and math in a general way, but the computers help me do the computations.


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