Ken Smith Revisits the Cold War

December 6, 2006 |

Economic geography plays a major role in world affairs. Geography is critical to whether a group can survive independently.

Water in quantity, during specific seasons that coordinate with sunshine, is extremely important to whether sufficient grain can be grown to support a group, a tribe, a nation.

Soil is another component to consider in the survival equation. Soil quality is not equally distributed around this planet.

So for Russia to have leverage over other geopolitical entities in regard to grain exports Russia must have the necessary conditions to grow grain in the quantities necessary. The geography of Russia puts the lie to any story maintaining that Russia can use grain as leverage in political and economic areas.

Soil, rainfall, sunshine, these are the ingredients in cereal. Russia does not have these in an efficient mix.

America does.

On the oil issue, I have no idea what our native reserves are. But Russia can’t operate oil and gas fields on an empty stomach.


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