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The Grandmaster
Nigel Davies

Photos Larry Fletcher 2004
Nigel Davies takes on fellow Grandmaster Art Bisguier as Victor Niederhoffer looks on. (2/23/4)

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The common perception of how to 'learn' an opening is to memorize many series of moves by rote, an activity that is guaranteed to make Jack a very dull boy. But good players know something about everything, achieving a broad perspective that allows them to hang their memories on hooks of understanding.  -- Nigel Davies

One of the wonders of the tournament hall is in how the frog pond starts to croak when they think a strong player on the ropes. But the final outcome is rarely what they hope for. -- Nigel Davies


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06/30/04:  Deception and the Bad Old Days
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02/29/04:  Deception and Chess

Nigel Davies is a trader and an International Chess Grandmaster residing in the United Kingdom. Visit his Web site at www.tigerchess.com.