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The Grandmaster
Nigel Davies

Bronstein -- One Cool GM, by Nigel Davies

One of the most inspiring sights I have witnessed is that of Chess Grandmaster David Bronstein in serious time-trouble (eg 10 moves to make in a minute). He sat at the board completely unruffled, calmly making his moves AND WRITING THEM DOWN! And the moves were so exact, so precise and so subtle. Truly amazing to see.

Once you're down to 5 minutes the rules permit you to catch up with the score sheet once you've reached the time control. But Bronstein, to my knowledge, has never availed himself of this concession.


Photos Larry Fletcher 2004
Nigel Davies takes on fellow Grandmaster Art Bisguier as Victor Niederhoffer looks on. (2/23/4)

Nigel Davies is a trader and an International Chess Grandmaster residing in the United Kingdom. Visit his Web site at www.tigerchess.com.