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Kim Zussman: The Lakers Lose Big

A man I know who works for the Lakers organization spoke with me today on the team's devastating loss to the Pistons. He remarked how wrung out, desperate, and exhausted he found himself after their losing games; and how each night hope would bloom again that they would pull it off in the next game. I was bashful to relate the great resemblance to our game; the anguish of losing days extinguished in night's hopes for a better tomorrow. One that verifies our deepest analysis, hopes, and ideologies in the way only money can.

At the honeymoon, when she is ripe and pink and fragile and ready to exponentiate to unprecedented heights, the embryo of belief is conceived. It grows and develops and bonds are formed beyond the rational that planted the seed. Alas, too often, metamorphosing into a scandalous teen of self-direction, detethered of our hopes in favor of its own.

What of the conundrum of marriage to a bad team, a despotic regime, a failing speculation? Are we worse as traitors to turn tail on former beliefs in favor of the next shining trend, or ignorant as Luddites in clinging to anachronism? Texas hold-em or California fold-em?

And so Ted Kennedy bin Chappaquiddick marries Al Jazeera bin Arabia, for worse or for worse, in the name of no Bush.