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The Chairman
Victor Niederhoffer

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1 . The beaten-down companies in the Dow and S&P seem like very good candidates before the palookas come in to buy them in force at the beginning of the new year.

2.  The movie "The Aviator" about Howard Hughes almost presents a heroic picture of a businessman trying to produce and create against the backdrop of corrupt government trying to buy votes through redistribution and bribery. Like "The Untouchables," this touches on the problem . But of course the filmmakers limn this as examples of special veniality rather than a natural function of robbing Peter to pay Paul. The only way they are able in their collective consciousness to praise a businessman is to present him as a freak or a nutcase. Or else people might actually feel big and this would be against the idea that has the government in its grip.

3. One has been brushing up on his polar coordinates and complex numbers lately and sees many areas where this could be fruitfully used in describing the moving time series relations between two markets in a simplistic way.

4. I am going to an area where much shuffleboard is played shortly and will hope to find the many strategies employed there of blocking and then going for a high number and throwing with a spin, applicable to forecasting the shuffleboard game of the market in a week.

5. So often, one finds that the insights that one has in a field he knows the most about are directly applicable to the market. And I encourage you to think about what you know the best, and relate it to making money in the market as much better than following the ideas of gurus in books such as the "Doc" promised to hide from us when not perfecting the shuffleboard or other games here.

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