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Victor Niederhoffer: A Modern Musical Offering

In Aaron Copland: A Reader by Richard Kostelanetz, Copland quotes an elderly and wise woman, "It is very important, as you get older to engage in an activity that you didn't engage in when you were young, so that you are not continually in competition with yourself as a young man". In Copland's case at age of 50, he turned to conducting. In my case, I am studying the violin, taking up the cello and ballroom dancing, changed my backhand from a standard one handed shot to an ambidextrous one hand left, developed a collaboration on certain Beethoven projects. I possibly should develop a trend following system for fixed income and energies so that when the current generation of users in related fields has contributed their necessary overplus to the market, I can enter a virgin field that is not competitive with my reversalist tendencies of the last 25 years. vic

P.S. Copland has some very interesting observations on how during times of economic woes, concern for the common man tends to increase in the arts, "In music this was combined with the heady wind of suddenly feeling ourselves needed. The music had to be simpler and more direct, evocative of the American scene, industrial backgrounds, landscapes of the far west." A similar tendency after the conradbuchaumian years of 2000-2002?