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The Chairman
Victor Niederhoffer

Victor Niederhoffer: Strategy

Many have queried how come they missed this big move. There were so many things going both ways. Students of market ecology and interrelations trained by the Niederhoffer interests or Lim know enough to stay away from mystics, hoodoos, hubristics and Abelsonkeechprechtflecks. Many of the best students of Wiz and the Niederhoffers are working for other interests that manage billions upon billions. So naturally it’s not easy any more.

But this leads to a lesson. And you don't have to invoke the promiscuous hypotheses of cognitive psychology to know it. The price is ahead of the form as well as the news. And as we can never reiterate too much, the cycles are ever-changing.

To prevent yourself from becoming a perpetual victim, consider foregoing tactics and concentrating on strategy. As Wiswell would say, "Have a plan and stick to it." In this case, Admiral Nelson himself said it best after passing the salt shaker to Aubrey. "Never mind the maneuvers, go right at them,” he said. “And never trust the French.”

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