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Track and Floor

I always like to buy the tout sheets at the track -- Clocker Lawton was very big in my day, and now Sports Eye -- and when I go to the Board of Trade and CME, I like to see what they're buying.

The weekly chart service that seems to be de rigueur, with 50 copies available, was Commodity Research Bureau's daily charts. the charts have the usual open interest, volume, percentage of bullish sentiment, and commercial and spec buying and selling.

Also included are entry and exit signals for trend breakouts, and commentary on key levels in each market as well as buy and sell points based on key numbers.

It would be useful to study these rules with a view to participating in the excess profits generated by those who move the price based on seemingly random numbers.

This idea of coppering the fixed systems and inflexible traders and rule-based balancers has to be one that with great generality provides promise for the thinking specinvestor.