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Deep in the Heart of Texas, by Victor Niederhoffer

I recently visited the University of Texas Cooperative Book Store and bought the following books in an attempt to increase my knowledge. I find the regular forays that I take to college book stores one of the most useful activities I engage in as it keeps me up to date on current knowledge, lets me know the kind of things the current operatives in the field are exposed to, and serves as a beacon, spark, and warehouse of knowledge for my kids. My favorite book stores are ones at Texas, Penn, the Seminary book store at University of Chicago, the Barnes and Noble at 17th street connected with NYU. The range of subjects taught at all those schools is all encompassing.

Usually when I lug the baskets of books to the cashier on such forays, the cashier will say that I made the second largest purchase in their history, next to some Mideast customers who came in with a retinue of 5 that purchased two of everything in the bookstore for their library back home. I always answer that the reason I have to buy so many books is that I have so much to learn. I find that all older practitioners of investments have much to learn also, and are frequently wedded to ideas from the 1930's that it would be helpful for them to mix with current knowledge and theories and foundations and the lack of book knowledge is one of the reasons that so many senior writers and advisers are so out of touch with a proper foundation, which should always include the books of Brearley, Dimson, Damodaran, and Harris. I would recommend that all students and practitioners of finance buy the current texts in the field as it would help to give them a groundwork in what's known, especially in the field of regularities relating to risk and return.

I will read many of these book in the hopeful near future and share reviews of those that I can understand with you. Here's the current list:

Title                                               Author (Last Name)
Principles of Finance                               Besley, Brigham
Correlation & Regression                            Bobko
Microeconomics                                      Cameron, Triverdi
The Age of Migration                                Castler, Miller
Astronomy                                           Chaisson, McMillan
America- Past & Present                             Divine, Breen, Fredrickson
Modern Control Systems                              Dorf, Bishop
Telling Lies                                        Eckman
Hitting the Sweet Spot                              Fortini, Campbell
The Struggle for Democracy                          Greenberg, Page
Practicing Physics                                  Hewitt
Conceptual Physics                                  Hewitt
Biology Demystified                                 Layman
Applied Multivariate Research                       Meyers, Gamst, Guarino
Applying Regression & Correlation                   Miles, Shevlin
Schaum's Easy Outlines-Electric Circuits            Nahvi, Edminister
Human Learning                                      Ormond
Urban Economics                                     O'Sullivan
Introduction to Computer Systems                    Patt, Patel
Humanity                                            Peoples, Bailey
Images of the Past                                  Price, Feinman
Corporate Finance                                   Ross, Westerfield, Jaffe
Conformity & Conflict                               Spradley, McCurdy
Statistics for the Social Sciences                  Stevens
Financial Reporting, Financial Statement Analysis.. Stickney, Brown, Wahler
Teaching Students Centered Mathematics              Van De Walle, Lovin
Principles of Fraud Examination                     Wells
Frankensteins of Fraud                              Wells
Chemistry Demystified                               Williams