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Quote of the Day, from Victor Niederhoffer

Automobiles produced only in Detroit's mile long factories will emerge from knockdown garage assembly shops in the Amazon and East Eighty Eighth Street in New York. Single trailers that would contain all the manufacturing equipment required to build printed circuit boards will emerge out of Chinese boxes than can be shipped anywhere." -- from Think Globally, Manufacture Locally by Morris Cohen, Professor of Manufacturing and Logistics at Wharton.

The above quote was engendered by consideration of the price-to-weight ratio, a thread I was considering because of the seemingly inordinate price rise of agricultural equipment manufactures like Agco and Lindsay Manufacturing and Deere. These were companies that used to sell their products on the basis of price per pound of steel and were highly competitive as they waxed and waned with the inevitable cyclical movements around the 1% a year price rise of commodities, and hence companies in that field were always valued at book when sold on a private value basis.