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Pocket Rockets, by Victor Niederhoffer

Don't underestimate the brilliance of Adam Robinson's recent book The Rocket Review Revolution: The Ultimate Guide to the New SAT and the value for a lifetime of teaching kids to focus on bottom line answers and estimates.

All of Adam's books are a perfect realization of the contrarian persona in real life. He shows you how to understand the average test-givers Joe and Pam, what they want you to do so they can ply their trade, and then how to go beyond that to reach the top of the class. Adam inspired me to write a program that applies his techniques to beating the market mistress at her own game, and especially to prevent her from making you always answer the hard questions wrong,. We still use the approach today.

I found Adam's discussion of how to write an essay educational on many planes:

The end result is: you learn how to answer questions, to get to the bottom line, to estimate, to guess, to focus on what counts in tests for admission to college, in the market and in life itself.

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