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Briefly Speaking, by Victor Niederhoffer

1. There is a sense of febrile unrest in Europe, driven by indicia of hopelessness such as declining populations, rising unemployment, costs far and above the value of their currencies in dollars or hours worked for goods, rising crime, incredible congestion on roads even with congestion charges, a move for national identity cards to preclude emigration, taxes above 100%, and growth rates well below inflation. Who would choose to live there or start a business there unless there were Draconian restrictions enforced by the kind of world state apparatus that the Sage and the Palindrome prefer?

2. Chain Reactions by Adam Hart Davis talks about all the vertical and horizontal links between sciences in England from the time of Francis Bacon in the 16th Century to the present. It is highly educational to see how scientific societies and friendships combined with philosophic businessmen. Mentoring and friendships based on business lead in a direct line to so much of our personal material well-being. Particularly important have been the Lunar Society, the Royal Society, and the amateur scientists' experiments for practical and scientific advancement.

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