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Photos by MV Photos

Stock Talk in Central Park, Aug. 7















The Chairman and the Wiz, Elucidate

Magnolia, the Chairman's Granddaughter, Takes Out the Cane

Magnolia with Mom (Galt Niederhoffer) and Companion

Spec Beach Party, Westport, Aug. 5

Malcolm Liu and Adrienne Yang at the Spec Beach Party, Westport, Aug. 5

Peter and Gregg Gardiner

Young Goodboy

Young Goodboy, on the Beach with Dad

Young Wisdom

Earlybird Special at Picholine, NewYork, Aug. 4

Jim Sogi, Dr. Ross Miller, Irina & James Goldcamp, the Collab

The Chairman with daughter, Dr. Katie (R)

Victor with business partner of 40 years, Daniel Grossman, Esq.

Tony Corso, gracious host at Alto's party, with the Collab and Victor

Lee and Joyce Shulman, Valencia, Calif.


Spec Dinner at Delmonico's, Wall Street, Saturday, Aug. 6

The Collab, Mistress of Ceremonies

The Chairman

Jim Sogi (R), with daughter Kim and wife Sarah, before wowing the party with a hula performance.

James and Jennifer Lackey

Judy Volpe and daughter Victoria

Kim and Sarah Sogi Render the Crowd Speechless With a Performance of the Hula
accompanied by brother Kenny; Bidding
for Front-Row Seats Reaches $500

The Collab's Peerless Assistant Lorna Dennis (L)
with Alex "Doc" Castaldo and Ms. Retha Roux, distinguished S.A. guest

Marybeth and Dave Goodboy

Kedrick Brown and spouse, distinguished members of the Philadelphia delegation

Greg Cohen, Down from Wharton

Mural at Delmonico's; A Speculator in the Chips Entertains the Ladies

J.T. Holley and spouse, Deep South delegates

Jared Albert, Will Huggins, Michael Brush (L to R)

The Spratts, notables from the distinguished Philadelphia Spec contingent

Duncan Coker and Wil Kenney Sing "Keep Those Contracts Rollin," to the Tune of "Rawhide"

Nobody had ever understood the lyrics to a Spec Song before
Wil Kenney graciously set up a proper sound system


Yacht Tour of Manhattan Island, Saturday, Aug. 6

The Marino family, of the Philadelphia delegation, prepare to board the ship "Cabaret."

Michael "The Dude" Pomada and the Dudette; Ari "Ace" Siegel and his queen

Dave Goodboy, the Market Surfer, Tries a Larger Vehicle

Malcolm Liu and Adrienne Yang

Dr. Sogi, The Collab, Dr. Sasmor

Michael "The Dude" Pomada

The Dude and Ace

Tom Downing and Jason Thompson

Ann Lee

The New Skyline

New York to France: Do you copy?

The Chairman, Flanked by Goldcamps

Patrick, excellent summer intern from Warwick, England, and Ryan Carlson; Art Cooper, Rich Bubb in background

Ari "Ace" Siegel and Art Cooper

Martin Lindkvist, Jim Sogi and the Chair

Owen, excellent summer intern from St. Andrews, Scotland

Brunch on Board

Nigel Davies ("The Grandmaster") and Faisal Essa