Fifth Annual Spec Party, July 16-18,2004


Opening Night Party at Delmonico's on Wall Street


The Chair entertains questions from Ken Smith and LACK at the Fifth Annual Spec Party, July 16-18, 2004

A Sun-Baked Spec takes profits with a wry smile .. .

Drs Pennington & Zussman swap golf and tennis tips .. .

Dr Hauser holds court .. .

Young Ari & Wil learn from young-hearted ALTE .. .

Gitanshu peers into the crystal ball .. .


7/16/04 Bear Exorcised at Delmonico's

Photo by George Zachar

A  bear threatens brave Spec Princess Jennifer Lackey (tiara, left) before being tackled by Vic (pink jacket, right)) ...

Laurel and the Beast, unmasked as Dr. Charles Pennington

Oksana Zussman with Vic at Delmonico's

7/15/04 The early bird gets the worm! Specs Crossman and Melvin are the first to arrive for the Spec Party..