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James Sogi: There Be Dragons

Confidence levels in statistics are aptly named as applied to trading. For my purposes if I have confidence in the direction to trade, things work out well with the entries coming fairly naturally and I can catch my little tidbits and crumbs here and there without too much of a care. I'm working up an appetite so as to be able to take bigger bites, and not nibble so much and ruin my dinner as often happens. After I fill up on the appetizers with a quick bite, I see the other guests gorging on the roast beef. Though I enjoy being invited for dinner, I don't want to be the dinner. "There be dragons", and I'm not one...yet.  

When my daughter was little, she didn't eat much, just nibbled, and we called her a "breath-a-tarian", one who lives on air. And oh how we parents worried that she didn't eat more. Well, happy to say, as the years passed, it worked out in the long run.

Fellow specs, please grant me a little leeway on this, my birthday, to wax philosophical with you. My friends and family shake their heads when I say to them, think about the day you die, and your last breath, What will you think or say? "Don't be morbid." they say`. It is not morbid, for it is a certainty that time will come and it may be tomorrow or today. It makes one savor each day, and to treat those closest to you with love and respect, and to do those things each day that are close to your heart, so that you can say to yourself, I've lived a good life.