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True Stories by Steve Keely
Hobo Memoirs

Forwarded from the Scorpion Ranch, from Bo Keely

Sorry, I didn't send an update or we'd have ridden the range. The update is:

Two weeks ago, after exiting Mexico and getting nabbed midstream in the Texas Rio Grande by the US. Border Patrol, I wanted to dive back into Latin America but I required a translator-partner to hobo the underground railroad to fully understand the illegals stories.  My Spanish speaking friends have families to keep, one Spec-lister backed out lacking fitness & passport, a Colorado businessman thought it too dicey, a Dumpy Eatsalot from Oakland veered when his mom got ill, and a Guatemalan Santiago decided to bicycle rather than freight train home to Central America.

Anyone who wants to visit me at Scorpion Rancho in California, as did amigo Ken Smith, or to get advice on southwest desert travel can email. If there's no immediate answer, I'll see your note on return from an outing and respond.

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