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Daniel V. Grossman


(Photo: Vic and Dan at the former Jay Gould estate, Lyndhurst, N.Y., Sept. 2005)


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Book Preview Exclusive to Readers of Daily Speculations: How to Buy Companies

I have been working on a book about my acquisitions and other business deals and  some deals of others that I have liked. My general theme is how an ordinary guy, without sizable capital or the backing of a well-known financial institution, can accomplish deals with large public companies.

While I think the individual chapters tell interesting stories, it is unclear to me what the overall market for such a book would be. Who exactly would pluck down his or her money for a book with such a title or theme?

Perhaps readers of Victorís and Laurelís Daily Speculations website will have some ideas along this line. Also, since each chapter is a working draft, I would be grateful for any comments from readers on ways to add to or improve the chapter.

Many thanks,
Dan Grossman
dvgman <at>gmail <dot>com
Sept. 14, 2005

Preview Chapters

Dan Grossman, Esq., has been Victor Niederhoffer's business partner for four decades.