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Omid Malekan monitors Tradesports :

Bush contract getting crushed. Can't figure out why. This morning at 62, Half an hour ago it hit 50 and now at 57. Odd how equity market didn't move at all. Manipulation? Someone knows something? Hard to say. Iowa market doesn't seem to be moving. I was tempted to buy more in low 50s but already have a very big position.

George Zachar adds:

Geez.. I've been watching that contract like a hawk.. I turn my head for a minute, and boom!

I've seen nothing anywhere that could have sparked such a move, and frankly, the intra-day chart looks just like a fat-finger S&P order error trade.

That said, the electoral college counts are wobbling a bit as individual states oscillate under big ad spending not seen in "safe" states like NY, CA, DC, etc.

Finally, it could be Dan Rather putting on a "Texas Hedge", that is, he's short W every way possible, and is doubling up..