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Panics and Markets by James Lackey

I have a huge storm coming right at me. The other coast has little power, food in stores or gas, so I can't bail to my sisters in West Palm Beach. I wanted to head north to like Tennessee and turn it into a family vacation and trade wifi next week from Internet shop. I panned on driving tonight as kids slept. My buddy just called and Tampa is a total panic and no gas. The state troopers said No gas from Tampa to GA on i-75.

I have my house all hurricane shuttered. I can't just ride the storm out with the babies. I did for Charlie and it was 110 mph winds and it was too much. It sounded just like a train going by my little league field when I was 12.If this thing hits on a full cat 5 hurricane, little will be standing, like Andrew in the early 90's. After I saw that I said, just get in car and drive.

Well a three in a rowski on the hurricane front. Yes a rare event and it, like all market panics are very difficult to prepare for, much less predict. Looks like I will head freakin South and east to Miami. Is that silly? Yes, but I am boxed in and must move.

If it was just the boys my dad, bro and me we would ride it out. My brother and I cant. We have 4 kids all under age 3. We are married to two, moms and they let us know every 30 minutes.. This is nuts. maybe we can get a flight out. I'll call now. This is exactly how panics happen in markets. You guys should see the people crying and saying they don't know what to do. Hades the storm is not due for a few days. LACK